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Rhesus Negative
Rhesus Negative

Is Your Blood Type Rhesus Negative? You Might Be an Alien

Previous studies conducted on individuals with the rhesus blood type have pointed to the fact that they are missing a protein substance that is usually found in the red blood cells of humans.

This substance is called the Rhesus factor. According to theories over the years, people with this particular blood type may not be of this Earth.

Other suggestions have pointed to the assumption that they are an alien race from the vast realms of outer space, while others go even further and label them as fallen angels. All theories aside, it is safe to say that individuals with the Rhesus (RH) negative blood type are quite unique.

An individual with RH negative O blood has the ability to donate to anyone without taking their blood type into consideration. However, if there should come a time when they are the ones in need of blood, only RH negative O will be adequate. They originated from the Northern parts of Europe and they represent only 15% of the entire human race.

In today’s world, there are four common blood types – A, B, AB and O. Blood is usually differentiated based on the proteins they possess but in the case of RH negative types, none of these proteins are present.

Scientists have remained curious as it pertains to the origin of this rare blood type. Going back approximately 35,000 years ago, they share the belief that this blood type is a direct link to designated tribes. RH negative blood is found mostly in Europeans, while African-Americans and Asians share 3 and 1 percent respectively.

Lower body temperature, red hair, increased awareness, increased sensitivity to heat and a higher IQ are just a few of the common traits associated with people who possess this blood type. Some of them also have hazel, green or blue eyes.

The mysteries that are hidden in this blood are highlighted even more in women who are pregnant. Women who have RH negative blood and become pregnant usually have a troublesome time to deliver a baby who is RH positive. This is because their body sees the fetus as a threat and attacks it as a defense mechanism. This is the reason why they are injected with a special solution to aid with the delivery process. So why would the mother’s body try to attack the same life it’s helping to bring forth?

This is the point where a new theory is unveiled that suggests RH negative blood type could have been influenced by extraterrestrial life. It got even stranger because people who were said to be kidnapped by aliens all share the same RH negative blood type.

There is no ruling out the possibility that Earth was visited by aliens hundreds of years ago and they managed to alter the genetic construct of human beings. After all, the evidence has always been around us – old carvings and ancient text that indicate the presence of alien life on Earth at one point or another.

What is your view on this blood type that lacks a component that’s crucial to human evolution? Is it a case where alien blood is pumping through our veins?


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