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Salad That Eliminates Colds And Viruses

Colds And Viruses

Ingredients 1 carrot 1 tablespoon if olive oil 1 apple 1 lemon 1 orange A little bit of ginger root 1 beetroot Preparation Wash the ingredients, chop them and pour the lemon juice. Then add the olive oil. When you take this mixture, your body will be resistant to various …

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Top 10 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer


The number of women that have cancer is higher in last two decades. If you want to stop and cure it, you should go to the doctor for early detection. Also, you can stop eating food that spread the cancer. Here are foods that prevent cancer and avoid harmful ones. …

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20 Deadly Cancer Symptoms That Most Of The Women Ignore


Watch and listen your body when it has something to show you, do not rely just on routine tests. Here are signs that women overlook: Shortness or wheezing of breathing The inability to breath is one of the signs noticed by lung cancer patients. Chronic cough or chest pain Leukemia …

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