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Combination Of Food And Medications That Can Kill You

We all know that alcohol and drugs don’t go together, but what about the food? Certain food products can affect the action of certain drugs. When your doctor prescribes you a treatment immediately consult with him about what you may eat or may not eat. That’s because there are combinations that can be very dangerous.

Here is a list of food that you should try and avoid depending on the therapy you are taking:


  1. If you use drugs for high blood pressure

Avoid bananas. These medications can raise the level of potassium, which supposedly is good for, but too much of it can cause a variety of cardiac complications such as irregular and fast heartbeat. Leafy vegetables, oranges, salt substances are other foods rich in potassium.


  1. If you are taking antibiotics

In this case, avoid dairy products. Because of the high content of calcium they can prevent proper absorption of antibiotics. You must drink your medications two hours before every meal.


  1. If you take medicine against bacterial infections

Avoid meat. These foods contain amino acid tyramine which changes the blood pressure. Especially avoid eating fermented meat, sausages, salami and processed cheese. It also can be found in bananas, avocados, chocolate and alcohol.

  1. Drugs for regulating cholesterol

These drugs don’t go along with grapefruit juice because with they increase the flow of the cow. It will make you sensitive to side effects and often there is a pain present in the legs.


  1. If you take drugs for heart problem

Avoid licorice. Licorice contains glycyrrhizin which, in combination with digoxin can cause irregular heartbeat and sometimes even more serious problems. Licorice also inhibits the effect of some medications such as those for blood pressure, blood thinning, painkillers and birth control pills.


  1. If you are taking anticoagulants

Immediately stop drinking cranberry juice. Some studies have shown that people who drink cranberry juice and at the same time take anticoagulants medicine can affect preventing blood clotting and can even make drastically dilute of the blood.


  1. If your take medicine for thyroid problem

Forget about nuts. Walnuts prevent proper absorption of these drugs. That’s way many doctors recommend to eat them at night before bedtime so your body can have enough time to absorb the chemicals.


Source: healthyplatesecrets.com

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