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Ketogenic Diet
Ketogenic Diet

Find out Why Ketogenic Diet is the Healthiest Diet That Kills Cancer, Treats Autism, Migraines, and Depression

A state of health in which the body starts burning fat as its primary fuel rather than the sugar is called nutritional ketosis.  So when you decide to go on a ketogenic diet you will convert yourself from a sugar burner mode to a fat burner mode.

All of this is accomplished with a reduced consumption of carbohydrates, increased intake of fats and consumption of an adequate protein amount that will satisfy your body needs. This term nutritional ketosis has been coined by probably the best leading experts in the field of low carbohydrates and dieting Dr. Stephen Phinney & Jeff Volek.

Pushing your body into a metabolic state is the main goal in a ketogenic diet.  It can be achieved by a deprivation of carbohydrates, instead of calories. This means if you reduce the carbs and increase the intake of fats, your body will start burning ketones and it will use them as a main source of energy.

These are the benefits of ketogenic diet

It protects the brain

Most of the neurological disorders can be treated and even prevented with a diet that is rich in fat and low in carbohydrates.  The ketogenic diet has also proven to be very effective in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. One recent study evaluated the effects of ketogenic diet on Parkinson’s diseases by putting patients on a 4 to 1 ketogenic diet. These studies showed that their symptoms were better by 43% after only one month.

A number of studies have also shown the efficiency of this diet in treating autism. Since autism is very similar to epilepsy where seizures are often caused by over excitement of the brain cells, many autistic children improved their health condition after 6 months on the ketogenic diet.

It fights cancer

As you already know the cancer cells and tumors use sugar as their food since it promotes faster growth of cancer. Ketogenic diet doesn’t include sugar and that’s why it is highly effective when it comes to treating and hindering cancer. The normal cells use fat as their prime energy source while the cancer cells can’t do this.

A study published by Redox Biology confirmed the effects of ketogenic diet in treating colon, gastric and prostate cancer. According to Dr. Eugene Fine from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, ketone bodies are capable of eliminating cancer because of its unique abilities to inhibit the energy production in the cancer cells. Dr. Eugene also published a paper in which he clarifies that it is 100% natural and even doable putting cancer patients on an insulin free diet. As he points out stable disease or partial remission is very much related to the degree of ketosis without a lack in calories and no weight loss.

It promotes weight loss

The best way to accelerate the process of weight loss is by lowering the intake of carbs. While you’re on a ketogenic diet you will increase the intake of fats and you will consume a moderate amount of proteins while you will decrease the number of carbohydrates thereby turning your body into the ketone production and using the fat as your primary source of energy.


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