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Vegan Mayonnaise
Vegan Mayonnaise

Healthy And Delicious Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

If you decide to make this vegan mayonnaise you will get a very delicious addition to your favorite sandwiches. Today, more and more people in the world  adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and diet, in order to preserve their health.



1 cup of cashew nuts

½ cup of water

½ cup of lemon juice

One full  tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt

1-2 tablespoon of turmeric

Chopped chives as you desired



First, you need to soak the cashew nuts for at least 3 hours. It is advisable to do it overnight as it can give creamer structure to the mayonnaise.


Then drain the nuts and put them in the blender. Add the water, salt, lemon juice, honey, and turmeric. Mix them until you get a creamy texture. It will take maybe 3-4 minutes to perform that. You will discover if it is necessary to add an additional cup of water and also you can put if you desire some spices that you prefer.


After that put the mayonnaise in another clean bowl and add the chopped chives and stir well with a spoon.

You can serve your mayonnaise immediately with all the types of sandwiches that you eat. You can use as a salad dressing or even as a sauce with all kinds of meals. Remember that this mayonnaise can last in your fridge up to 7 days.


Source: healthyplatesecrets.com

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