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Manuka honey
Manuka honey

The Manuka Honey Can do Wonders For you!

We are all aware of the health benefits of the raw and unprocessed honey, but in Australia, something even bigger is very well known – that there is one particular type of honey which is able to kill anything the scientists throw at it, including some of the worst bacteria that are known to mankind.

These findings were published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in the June edition of 2009, and is of significant importance, especially in times when the well known antibiotics are not working against the predators we call super bugs.

Manuka Honey Can do Wonders

The honey we are talking about is the Manuka honey, which is originally produced in New Zealand, and can also be found under the name of jelly bush honey.

This honey has become so popular within the past couple of years that plenty of fake products have been found ever since, and even some shortages have been reported. This has lead to the Manuka producers from New Zealand to start seeking trademark protection, such as the one for French champagne and Scottish whiskey.

But, nevertheless, we can easily see how can this honey no longer remain a secret, and it is all because of its incredible health benefits.

Now, a bit more info about the Manuka honey. It is created by bees who are foraging the nectar of Leptospermum Scoparium, the Manuka bush from New Zealand, as well as other tea trees native to Australia and New Zealand.

In the studies we mentioned above, the researchers in Australia found out that the honey is able to kill any bacteria or pathogen that it was tested on. This honey can be applied topically in order to help your fight against infections on the skin, insect bites, cuts, and of course, it can be taken orally.

But by far the most interesting discovery was that none of the super bugs destroyed by the manuka were able to build up immunity, which is quite the common problem with today’s antibiotics. It is said by many doctors that the new antibiotics have a shorter shelf life, leading to the bacteria they attack becoming resistant to them.

This is why, most of the larger pharmaceutical companies have abandoned the production of antibiotic. The recovering costs are just too much of a strain to them. With that being said, the development of effective alternatives could be the key to saving many lives.

This is where the Manuka honey enters the stage. It contains a compound which is called methyglyoxal, and in combinaton with other unknown compounds it causes a products that destroys all bacteria.

But where can you find the Manuka honey? It is sold on online stores and health food stores, but you have to be aware of the fake products. They have surfaced the market because of the fluctuated supply levels .

When you are in the lookout for the real deal, it is best that you purchase a Manuka honey that has a UMF certificate. The term UMF is an abbreviation for Unique Manuka Factor, which is the phytochemical property that comes from the manuka bushes, giving it its unique set of properties.

This is why, if you are shopping for this product online, only a handful of results will turn up for you.

One particular brand, Comvita manuka honey is UMF certified and available to purchase on Amazon. A customer that tried this honey commented that it helped him get rid of his MRSA, here is his comment:

First of all, her friend was diagnosed with MRSA, and she had done a fair amount of research before she herself got it too. Because of her previous knowledge she knew exactly what to do.

The first day she noticed the red bump which she thought was a mosquito bite, but by the second day she realized it was something else. Her husband knew what it was immediately, especially after seeing the exact same case with their friend.

She got her hands on the Manuka honey, which she had to put on the affected area and cover it with a band aid. With just a couple of hours she felt relief, and within only a few days it was entirely gone.

Even though a lot of research still needs to be done, the bottom line is that the manuka honey shows a lot of promise in defeating some of the biggest health challenges that the humans face in the 21st century, and just because of that, this honey should not be taken lightly.


Source: secretnutritions.com

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