One in 2000 kids in the 70s had autism, but nowadays, this number is one in 150. This greatly concerns the health experts and parents. The mainstream health community is equally concerned as they acknowledge no cure for this disorder.

There have been studied alternative treatments by open-minded researchers like Dr. Kenneth Bock, and one has shown a promise and that is dairy-free and gluten-free diet. Even though it may sound unreal, one mother said that this diet worked wonders for her son and cured his autism.

This is Ethan’s story

When Ethan was 6 doctors diagnosed Ethan with autism. Tracy Fox, his mother, says that the diagnosis actually came 2 years after living far down the rabbit hole. Ethan was sleeping more than 2 hours a day and never in a row, he didn’t speak at all, and the only time his voice was heard was when he screamed in the middle of the night. A social worker told Tracy to accept that Ethan would need to be institutionalized by the time when he was 5 and that he would never go to general education school, have a girlfriend, or graduate from high school.

However, she did not want to give up hope and did an intensive research. While doing this, she stumbled upon Dr. Bock’s work. He provided a simple tip among his recommendations for children with autism. The simple tip was to DITCH DAIRY AND GLUTEN. She followed the advice for 3 days and noticed that her son slept right through the night. Ever since then, he had never had an issue.

Tracy is now a proud ambassador for autism awareness and this is rather a peculiar treatment method.

What does this diet have to do with autism?

There is a major gut-brain connection in autism which is under-recognized. You can take gluten and dairy out of the diet and see the children lose the glaze, lose the fog, stop their swimming, and say their first words. It can be very profound.

Along with Dr. Bock, the WebMD also believes that children with autism have a high sensitivity to gluten or casein (the protein in dairy). This theory says that the brain of autistic children treats those compounds like false opiates, impacting their social cognitive and speech patterns.

The current science is backing up the theory, while researchers have observed elevated levels of peptides in autistic patients. Peptides react with gluten and dairy in order to produce those opiate-like effects.

The researchers are not still ready to call the gluten-free diet a winner as of yet, but need to figure out why it works for some children. They don’t know many patients who have reported success after switching their autistic children to a gluten- and dairy-free diet. Many of the reports say that it worked in just a few days.

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Source: healthytipsworld.net

Video Source: youtube.com

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