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Nine Days Without Sugar

Nine days without sugar? The results are dramatically improved.

Complete avoiding of sugar on short term has dramatic results, showed new studies. Not every food gives us feeling of satisfaction as sweets, to be more detailed sugar. Although eating fruit is the most important way of consuming sugar, still modern lifestyle and diets are leading in opposite direction. For example, 10 years ago average American citizen consumed 22 tea spoons additional sugar daily (which is 350 calories extra), while not long ago one expert claimed that average British citizen consumed 238 tea spoons daily. Fast developing of the food industry is making almost impossible to produce processed food without additional sugar that we are all addicted on. Sugar causing addiction and some mood changes same way as nicotine and heroine are doing in our body.

What happen when we will eject sugar out of our diet?

Studies published in magazine Obesity claimed that ejecting sugar out of our diet for only nine days can have dramatic results and improvement in our health. This studies were implemented in 43 teenagers where they been told to eject the sugar in their diet, then the scientist proofed that the problem with the sugar in diet is not the number of calories but is the difficulties that body have had while digestion.”Was noted dramatically improvement on a kids health condition. In these studies we encouraged the kids to eat even more than previously and at the same time we assured them that their weight would stay the same. Despite that fact that kids didn’t lower number of calories, they also loosed weight”, said the leader of this studies, Robert Lusting.

The more sugar we are implementing in our food, the more we are leading to unhealthy diet.

People that are consuming way to much sugar, they often are skipping quality food. For example they rarely are eating whole grains, milk and natural juices.” Sugar calories are the worst body enemies, because they are turning into fats inside the liver and are increasing insulin resistance, therefore they are increasing the risk of diabetes, heart and liver diseases “ said Lusting.

After only nine day’s fructose restriction the results are significant and present in all subjects.


Source: freehealthyfood.com

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