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Potato Juice
Potato Juice

Potato Juice Lowers Blood Pressure And Destroys Cancer Cells!

Potatoes have an extraordinary nutritional values. They are very good source of vitamins and minerals. Peel of potatoes is the one that contains most of the nutritional ingredients. Former studies have shown that the juice of potatoes can help prevent cancer, diabetes, gastritis and regulation of blood pressure levels.

How to prepare potato juice?

The juice of potato is very easy to prepare. Wash and chop the potatoes into quarters. Put it in a blender and drink the received juice right up.


Why is good to drink potato juice?

Helps in the prevention of cancer

Potatoes are a great roost of antioxidants which bring down the developing of cancer cells. They are very good source of vitamins A and C that take great part in the prevention of additional expansion of cancer cells.

It regulates the level of sugar in blood

People who suffers from diabetes can reduce the need for taking prescribed therapy by consuming potato juice. Potatoes are excellent for preventing diabetes because they are rich source of vitamin B1, B3, thiamine, potassium, niacin and vitamin C.


Keeps the blood pressure level stabile

A high blood pressure is quite often due to improper diet and in malfunction in the digestive system, and potato juice can assist you in here. The potatoes are great source of fiber which reduce the level of cholesterol and also it regulates the level of blood pressure.


Helps with the prevention of gastritis

Potatoes are a very good source of vitamins A and C and fiber. These mixture encourage the work of the digestive system and decrease risk of developing gastritis.


Other benefits of potato juice are:

activity improved cognitive function,
facilitates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis,
decreases the risk of kidney stones and
decreases the risk of heart disease.




Source: healthylifeexperts.com

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