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Alkaline Foods
Alkaline Foods

Remove Diabetes, Heart Issues And Cancer With Alkaline Foods

Switch with Alkaline

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, the doctor has surely said to have more alkaline diet habits. This means major life habits changing but you must do this and remove every acidic food.


The cells inside the body react in sensitive ways to the pH. If the pH is more alkaline then our brain, muscles, nerves, reproductive system, digestive tract and blood flow are healthy. If the pH is acidic then we are weaker and fragile to many diseases. This means early aging, heart problems, nerve damage, fatigue, weight gain, cancer, muscle pains, allergies and more. These happen only with high pH acidity and of course it is logical to eat more alkaline foods. Limit the acid food by at least 25%. Alkaline foods need to take up 75% or more to have better pH levels.

What exactly is the alkaline diet?

Those that need to be healthy, have already switched to such diets. The alkaline regime makes new balance in the body that we have removed by acidic unhealthy foods. It includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, proteins (soy, legumes, beans) and also good fat oils (flax, olive, canola). In the natural state, these foods are neither alkaline nor acidic. But during metabolism processes, they turn to alkaline during the digestion. This diet refreshes the pH levels and makes every body part healthy.

Which foods are included exactly?

It was believed that it is easy to make a list of these good foods. And many veggies/fruits are alkaline so they can be put here easily. Red meat can be avoided and it is not a disaster if you eat it, but opt for protein from legumes, beans, soy and almonds. Remove bad fats and eat good ones like olive oil, canola, flax seed. Ditch dairy and replace it with goat milk or soy milk. Have a lot of lemon water, green tea, ice herb teas and not sodas! Switch coffee with green or herbal teas. Switch pasta with whole grains 9quinoa, millet, wild rice). No more white sugar – use maple or Stevia/

These foods below are the best for prevention to cancer, diabetes and heart problems:

1. Broccoli

This veggie is full of healthy ingredients and boosts immunity. Eat it daily and try at least 4 times per week. It has a lot of vitamin C, A, calcium and more nutrients.

2. Avocado and its oil

This fruit is a bomb health super food since it has the most healthy fats and potassium too. Also it has fiber, vitamin C and A.

3. Almonds

These nuts have calcium, iron and potassium and more healthy items. Usually, seeds and nuts are more acidic but almonds are more alkaline and recommendable.

4. Arugula

To make detox more effective, consider arugula. It is a leafy green veggie and put in every detox regime. It has protein, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, zinc, copper, pantothenic acid or B5 and this lessens the bad cholesterol while it improves the good one.

It also has many flavonoids that make blood flow better and boost the vessel work.

5. Beetroot

This veggie is great for healthy pH. It has betalain which is phytonutrient and even fights cancer. Also it has vitamin K, C, folate and more.

6. Amaranth

This provides a lot of protein and lysine too. It is in the C4 group and this means photosynthetic performer that converts the sunlight, soil and water in a plant tissue fast. It has proteins, calcium and iron.

7. Asparagus

This is the best alkaline food. It has antioxidants, slows down early aging and gives you vitamin A, C and iron.

8. Artichoke

This has many antioxidants and a USDA study proved that this veggie is in the best 7 for antioxidant levels. They make immunity better and fight the free radicals or metabolism byproducts. This means no damage from metabolism byproducts that could lead to cancer or heart problems.

9. Basil

This herb spice has flavonoids and improves immunity. Also the pH is leveled at all times. It is in the healthy spices group and even can heal medical issues too. It has vitamin K, C, iron and more.


Source: onlinehealthsociety.com


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