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Scientists Finally Discover Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

A Recent study from the University of California discovered the culprit and why eating red meat leads to cancer. Believe it or not, the reason behind that is sugar.

When it comes to consuming red meat people are the only animals that have a higher risk of cancer since other carnivores can eat red meat without any side effects. According to a new study that was published on December 29 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,”  a unique type of sugar known by the name of Neu5Gc  present inside mammals but not in humans has the ability to triggers the immune system and thereby causing inflammation.

The study was led by Ajit Varki who explained the effects of Neu5Gc inside a mouse: “Up until now all of the evidence that linked Neu5Gc were either circumstantial or they were indirectly predicted by artificial setups… So this is probably the first time that we proved how mimicking the exact situation in humans- feeding a non-human with Neu5Gc and inducing anti- Neu5Gc antibodies will increase cancer in mice.’’

This type of sugar or Neu5Gc is found in red meat such as pork meat, cow meat and it can be found in certain types of cheese. The human body is not capable of producing this compound naturally and when it enters our digestive system our body identifies it as a treat that results in an immune response causing inflammation. If this happens more frequently it can result in cancer. People that eat red meat regularly will most likely experience stronger reaction than people who ingest this meat not so much.

On the other hand, carnivore animals don’t have this problem since they have this sugar inside their bodies. They are not in danger of eating red meat which is opposite for humans. That’s the main reason why scientists suggest controlling our daily intake of red meat or if we can to try and completely avoid it. Sorry people- it seems that we aren’t fit for this!


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