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Powerful Combination That Heals Your Body!

Powerful Combination

The baking soda and honey is probably the most powerful combination. You should mix honey and baking soda and consume it for 30 days and the results are going to amaze you. There are many people who think that this combination is a bad thing as the cancer cells are …

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The Manuka Honey Can do Wonders For you!

Manuka honey

We are all aware of the health benefits of the raw and unprocessed honey, but in Australia, something even bigger is very well known – that there is one particular type of honey which is able to kill anything the scientists throw at it, including some of the worst bacteria …

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10-Week Honey And Herb Tea Therapy

Tea Therapy

You like honey? Did you know that honey is an ingredient that does not go bad and, if properly stored, it can be perfectly fine for thousand years? Honey has antibacterial properties and property to clean the organism. It contains formic acid that destroys harmful microorganisms and also acts antibacterial. …

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